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200.00 - 700.00 / gram

10 Gram (MOQ)

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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Brand Name Heaven
Cultivation Type Natural
Color Natural-red
Form Whole Thread
Certification Fssai Certified
Grade A
Feature Freshness, Good Purity, High Quality, Natural Taste, No Added Color, Non Harmful
Packaging Type Plastic Packet
Packaging Size 100g, 1gm, 200gm, 2gm, 50gm, 5gm
Type Natural Saffron
Shelf Life 24months
Country of Origin India
Product Code 0910
Port Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir
Payment Terms Other
Delivery Time 4-7days
Packaging Details Saffron in San jars and acrylic jars

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Heaven Saffron is a saffron brand that has a longstanding tradition of cultivating saffron spanning across multiple generations. With a deep-rooted knowledge and experience in saffron cultivation, the company has gained a strong reputation for producing high-quality saffron.

Heaven Saffron's commitment to preserving tradition and ensuring the authenticity of their product sets them apart. They adhere to age-old cultivation methods, meticulously hand-picking and processing the delicate saffron threads with utmost care. This dedication to maintaining the purity and quality of saffron is reflected in their premium product.

The saffron produced by Heaven Saffron is known for its vibrant color, robust aroma, and exceptional flavor profile. Grown in the Kashmir region, a renowned saffron hub, the company takes full advantage of the unique climate and terroir to cultivate saffron of superior quality.

Heaven Saffron's rich heritage and generational expertise in saffron cultivation ensure that every strand of saffron carries the essence of tradition and the legacy of their ancestors. With their commitment to providing customers with the finest saffron, Heaven Saffron is dedicated to sharing the extraordinary culinary and medicinal properties of saffron with the world.

From ongoing innovation in cultivation practices to their meticulous attention to detail, Heaven Saffron is a trusted brand that encapsulates the essence and allure of the saffron industry, passed down through generations.


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360.00 - 700.00 / Gram

10 Grams (MOQ)

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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Brand Name Heaven
Cultivation Type Natural, Organic
Style Fresh
Certification HACCP Certified
Feature Non Harmful, No Added Color, Natural Taste, High Quality, Good Purity, Freshness
Packaging Type Plastic Packet, Plastic Packet
Packaging Size 5gm
Shelf Life 1ys
Country of Origin India
Product Code 092010
Port Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir
Payment Terms T/T, Other
Delivery Time 4-6days
Packaging Details Acrylic jar

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Heaven Saffron: Manufacturers and Cultivators of Saffron Since Generations



Saffron, known as the "golden spice," has a rich history and a long-standing reputation as one of the world's most valuable and sought-after spices. It is widely recognized for its vibrant color, distinct flavor, and numerous health benefits. One company that has been contributing to the saffron industry for generations is Heaven Saffron. With their expertise and commitment to quality, Heaven Saffron has established itself as a leading manufacturer and cultivator of saffron.


A Legacy of Generations:

Heaven Saffron has a legacy that spans generations, with a rich heritage and knowledge passed down from one generation to the next. Founded several decades ago by a passionate saffron enthusiast, it has been nurtured and expanded by subsequent generations. The company's unwavering dedication to saffron cultivation and production has allowed it to thrive and become synonymous with quality and authenticity.


Quality From Seed to Spice:

Heaven Saffron sets itself apart by meticulously managing the entire saffron production process, from seed to spice. It all begins with the careful selection of the saffron bulbs, ensuring that only the best quality bulbs are cultivated. These bulbs are then planted in ideal conditions, including the right climate, altitude, and soil composition.


Heaven Saffron's skilled cultivators use traditional farming methods combined with modern techniques to ensure optimal growth. They pay close attention to factors such as irrigation, sunlight exposure, and pest control, allowing the saffron fields to flourish. The company's commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices further illustrate their dedication to the saffron industry and the preservation of nature.


Harvesting and Processing:

The harvest of saffron is a delicate and time-sensitive process, and Heaven Saffron understands the importance of timing to capture the full flavor, aroma, and color of the spice. The flowers are hand-picked during the early morning hours when they are in full bloom. Skilled workers work attentively, plucking each fragile stigma from the flower, which is then dried using traditional methods to preserve its integrity.


Heaven Saffron follows strict quality control measures during the processing phase to maintain the purity and potency of their saffron. They employ state-of-the-art technology to clean, sort, and package the saffron, ensuring that it meets the highest standards set by the industry. This commitment to quality control guarantees that every customer receives the finest saffron, free from any impurities or additives.


Preserving Tradition, Embracing Innovation:

While Heaven Saffron pays homage to its traditional farming and processing methods, the company also embraces innovation and technology to enhance its production capabilities. They have implemented modern techniques in saffron cultivation and processing, allowing for higher yields and increased efficiency without compromising the quality or integrity of the spice.


Heaven Saffron also understands the importance of staying current in a rapidly changing market. They invest in ongoing research and development, exploring new methods to improve their saffron production and cater to the evolving needs of their customers. This dedication to innovation ensures that Heaven Saffron remains at the forefront of the saffron industry.

Heaven Saffron's commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation has propelled them to become trusted manufacturers and cultivators of saffron for generations. Their legacy of expertise and knowledge continues to drive them forward, enhancing their position in the saffron industry. With their attention to detail, sustainable farming practices, and dedication to preserving tradition while embracing innovation, Heaven Saffron stands as a symbol of excellence in saffron cultivation and production.


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